Windsor Gardens Lodges

The northerly lodge was built at the Bridgeman Road entrance and was still under construction when Windsor Gardens was opened in June 1881. A southerly lodge was placed at the southern end of the extension to the Gardens when that was opened in 1885. Both were used as residences for the men employed to supervise Windsor Gardens and collect the entrance money. There was a turnstile connected to each lodge.

When the Council took over ownership of Windsor Gardens in 1931 it was decided to provide bathrooms and hot water in both lodges.[1]

The northerly lodge became the Piermaster's house and later a private residence. It is now a Grade II listed building.[2]

The southerly lodge was specifically mentioned in the agreement for the transfer of Windsor Gardens: the Council was to allow "Mr. Carey to reside in the Southern lodge during his life free of rent and rates".[3] Alterations to this lodge were also required such that a separate access was provided for the adjoining ladies' lavatory. Electricity was installed in 1961[4] and the lodge was then let to a member of the Parks Department staff. The adjoining public convenience was closed the following year.[5] Subsequently a small shed was erected in 1965 [6] and a garage in 1970.[7] This lodge is no longer a residence but is still used by the Parks Service.

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