In 1931, upon taking over ownership of Windsor Gardens, the Council decided that a public convenience should be provided. At the Council meeting on 6th July 1931, it was agreed that penny in the slot machines would be installed. In 1938 a ladies convenience with a turnstile entrance was under construction.[1] This was attached to the South Lodge and was closed in 1962.[2]

A lavatory building was shown at the north end of northern Gardens on Ordnance Survey maps from 1950.

In 1991 the Penarth Times reported that the Vale Leisure Services Committee had decided to demolish the toilets in Windsor Gardens, because of "considerable vandalism" to them, and because alternative facilities were available at the Esplanade Shelter.[3] This was followed two weeks later by a report that a resident had written to the Vale Council pointing out that the toilets in Windsor Gardens had not been in use for at least five years.[4]

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