The Kymin - Penarth

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  The Kymin is the building on the left hand side of the photograph, a few yards up Beach Road. The entrance to Cardiff docks is in the distance on the right hand side.
"Phototype" Postcard published by Valentine & Sons Ltd., Dundee & London
(produced 1927)

The Penarth Council decided in 1947 that it would acquire the Kymin[1] and a compulsory purchase order was approved by the Welsh Board of Health in November 1948.[2] The purchase price was £4,500.[3] The Council's intention was to open the Kymin as a public pleasure ground.[4]

From February 1952 the Council leased the ground floor of the house to the aviation firm Simmonds Aerocessories Ltd.[5] Subsequently Simmonds Aerocessories took over the remainder of the house that had been let to private tenants.[6]

In the summer of 1952 permission was granted to Penarth Presbyterian Church to hold a summer fayre on the lawn of the Kymin.[7] In subsequent years the grounds became a regular venue for events run by local churches and other organisations. The Parks Department occupied part of the garden for propagating purposes.[8]

The question of the future development of the Kymin was raised on a number of occasions. In 1959 the Council considered a proposal to build a new public swimming bath there, but decided against any development "for the time being".[9] There were also a number of offers, which were declined, from property developers with proposals to build flats on the site, or to develop it as a hotel, lido and boating lake.[10]

In 1964 it was agreed that the Clerk of the Council, who already had a tenancy for part of the house, could take full possession of the house and carry out conversions to the property at his own expense.[11]

In the late 1960s the Council obtained planning permission to develop a recreation centre at the Kymin, including new swimming baths,[12] and this necessitated discussions with the Earl of Plymouth to obtain release from a restrictive covenant on the site.[13] This was one of a number of plans for the Kymin, none of which came to fruition.

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