Here you will find postcard views and history about some of Penarth's parks and open spaces: Alexandra Park, Italian Gardens, Windsor Gardens, Belle Vue Park, Cliff Walk and Penarth Head. Penarth's earliest park, Windsor Gardens, opened in 1881 - the result of an initiative by the Windsor Estate. A local committee was formed in October 1894 to identify land suitable for the creation of other parks and recreation grounds, and this led in January 1897 to an offer from Lord Windsor to donate various plots of land amounting to some 16 acres. Beginning in 1899 the Penarth Town Council then developed Alexandra Park, Cliff Walk and Penarth Head. The slide show below shows only a small number of the postcards held on this site. The "Other Open Spaces" section contains similar information on some smaller spaces: the Garden of Remembrance, the Kymin and beach paddling pool which no longer exists.

Alexandra Park Bellevue Park

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